Give yourself permission
to discover who you really are and
learn how to confidently own
your strengths, maximise your
effectiveness and unlock your
effortless success zone



Have you ever wondered who you are, really?
Day dream about the answer to “Who am I?”
Puzzled when someone asks “What do you do?”
Confused when having to describe yourself?
Unsure what you are meant to be doing with your life?
Overwhelmed by the increasing number of choices you have to make?
Struggle to feel confident with the direction you are taking?

Discovering your Personal Leadership Style is the key that will open a whole lot of opportunity for you to do less and achieve more with added confidence, focus and permission to BE YOU!
Your strengths are key to you being able to make a bigger impact in your life and most importantly in the lives of others. If you are in business and looking to accelerate your personal effectiveness to maximise your impact then discovering your core strengths is imperative to achieving that goal.

Every person has a unique blueprint of natural, core strengths. When you know your strengths and how to use them you instantly place yourself in a position of empowerment and accelerate your success.

One of my big core beliefs is every single person has strengths and I also know a large majority of people do not use their strengths. Most often it’s because you don’t know, or don’t trust those strengths. If you would like to discover your natural, core strengths and how to use them then this is your invitation to change that forever.

The Innate Potential Personal Leadership Profile was created by me (Shannon Bush) after realising many of my coaching and mentoring clients were struggling to confidently identify and own their core strengths. Created in 2011, the archetypal system, featured in my 2013 Amazon best seller Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose, provides you with key insights into who you really are and the tools and techniques to uncover and express your true innate potential. Having completed 100’s of profiles over the past few years I provide you with keen insights that, as the creator of the profiling system, are focused, personalised and direct.

Join me in person or virtually for a one on one discovery into who you really are.

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Finally get to know who you really are by investing in a Personal Leadership Style Profile session; a fabulous way to tap into your innate potential.
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Please note the book is out of print currently while a new, more detailed version is being written. This bundle includes a digital copy of Personal Leadership Style.

You'll be sent a copy of the new card deck on release later in 2018.